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Hairpin Chair Legs FAQ

Curious to find out more about our incredible range of hairpin legs? Simply have a look through our wealth of frequently asked questions and subsequent answers.

Are Hairpin Legs Still Popular?

The best hairpin legs are still relevant in most modern and contemporary interior decorations today due to their versatility and quirky style. The trendy design enables the legs to be comfortable in any property and blend seamlessly with the current interior appearance.

Why Are Hairpin Chair Legs so Popular?

Hairpin legs are a great example of a design that combines aesthetics and versatility. Their incredible function allows them to be used for many furniture structures like TV stands, chairs and tables, all whilst looking stylish and visually pleasing.

Are Hairpin Legs Stable?

All hairpin legs are known to be durable and rigid to provide a simple and decorate supporting base. Made of metal rods, hairpin leg are lightweight and exceptionally sturdy. With various uses, you are sure to be getting the most out of your interior. Get in touch with Unique Metal Craft to find out more about what we can offer you.

What Are Hairpin Legs?

Made of slim metal rods that are shaped into a ‘V’, hairpin legs can be used for many DIY projects. Being able to fix to almost any flat surface, you can immediately upgrade your interior to create a brand new chair, table or more unique designs.

How to Install Hairpin Legs?

Firstly, place your hairpin chair legs in the correct position, then mark the screw holes with a pen or pencil. Second, mark your drill with printer tape and begin to drill holes to insert the screws. Lastly, make sure that you are happy with the placement and then tightly fasten all the screws.

Who Invented Hairpin Legs?

Henry P. Glass created the world’s first hairpin leg in 1941 whilst he was working in New York for an industrial designer. Nowadays, we know that hairpin legs are a global trend which has been going for over 80 years!

How Can I Use Hairpin Legs?

There are various ways that you can use hairpin legs around your home. For example: chair legs, TV stand legs, table legs and even animal bowl legs! Hairpin legs are stylish, functional and versatile which means that you can really make the most out of your product.

Are Hairpin Legs Mid Century?

Hairpin legs are an incredible design through the mid-century. Beginning in 1941, this furniture support became a sensation in interior design which are still relevant and popular today for a more quirky and versatile look.

What are One of the Main Benefits of Hairpin Legs?

With a chic and slick appearance, hairpin legs are ideal for so many DIY designs that require supporting legs. Their versatility enables them to be used worldwide and across all homes and buildings. Take a look and discover what Unique Metal Craft can provide for your property today.

Do Hairpin Legs come in Various Colours?

Yes! At Unique Metal Craft we offer various colours and coating option to ensure that you are getting the bespoke and personal solution that is catered specifically to you and your home. You can create a subtle or bold statement with our wide selection of over 30 colours.

What Sizes do Hairpin Legs Come In?

Unique Metal Craft provide a variety of leg sizes from 6 inches to 40 inches! We pride ourselves in creating a fresh and unique product for all of our valued customers. So, get in touch with us today and discover what hairpin leg size is best suited to your furniture.

Can You Customise Hairpin Legs?

Our customisable hairpin legs are the perfect piece of support to add to your furniture. With an extra personal touch, you are guaranteed to make your hairpin legs fit to your home. Explore our range of colour options at Unique Metal Craft today.

To find out more about our incredible hairpin chair legs, get in touch with us today! We look forward hearing from you.