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What are Hairpin Legs?

What are hairpin legs, and how can hairpin legs improve your furniture? Hairpin legs are an artistic, stylish furniture addition that goes back several decades. Created in 1941, hairpin legs are a design that adds colour and character to a range of sofas, chairs and more. And, with Unique Metal Craft, you can get bespoke designs from a trusted, family run business.

Hairpin legs are so well-loved because of all the possibilities they create for your home's design. You can choose hairpin legs with two or three prongs and multiple lengths to make sure they are functional for your needs, for example. However, it's in their colour where hairpin legs stand out. You can choose from a wide range of colour options to give your furniture a splash of personality.

At Unique Metal Craft, we craft bespoke hairpin legs at our base in Southampton. Unlike many other companies, who get their hairpin legs from overseas, we can make your order bespoke to your needs. Because of this, you'll always get what you need. And, because our hairpin legs are crafted in our studio, you'll feel the difference in quality with our stunning designs.

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What are Hairpin Chair Legs?

So, what are hairpin legs? Hairpin legs, also known as hairpin chair legs, are a metallic alternative to standard chair legs. Unlike most legs, which are fairly basic in design, hairpin legs are sleek and slimline while maintaining superb strength. It's because these hairpin legs are created from metal, meaning they are less likely to suffer from damage, and they won't break as easily.

Hairpin legs are a design that goes back to 1941, where they were invented by the Austrian-born designer Henry P. Glass. Glass's design responded to a lack of available materials brought about by the need for munitions and weapons in WWII. Although metal hairpin legs only use a small amount of material, they still have excellent strength and durability. And, with their colours, hairpin legs quickly caught on as a stylish yet sturdy option as chair legs.

Nowadays, the design of hairpin chair legs is more refined. Modern metal hairpin legs are high-quality designs that are robust and stylish. And, with Unique Metal Craft, you can get handmade hairpin legs that combine the best of the traditional design with modern advances. Because of this, you'll get a high-quality set of hairpin legs for your home, and you can decide the number, size, colours and more!

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Uses for Hairpin Legs

So, what are hairpin legs used for? One of the best things about hairpin legs is their sleek metal design is quite simple. Because of this, metal hairpin legs are highly versatile, meaning you can use them for a range of furniture designs. Instead of just chairs, for example, you could install hairpin legs on footstools or even coffee tables to give them a unique, colourful feel.

Hairpin legs can also work in a variety of sizes and configurations. For example, you could get hairpin chair legs with leg sizes from 6 inches up to 40 inches as part of our range, opening the possibility of creating barstools. Also, our hairpin legs can come with either two or three prongs. As a result, you can decide which style works best for you.

At Unique Metal Craft, we can also help you use hairpin legs in a brand-new way. We would be disingenuous if we didn't live up to our name, which is why we can make unique hairpin legs for any of your needs. All you have to do is get in touch with us to discuss what you'd like, and our team can make it for you by hand. You won't have to settle for anything with us!

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Hairpin Legs from Unique Metal Craft

At Unique Metal Craft, we craft bespoke hairpin legs. Our hairpin chair legs are available in various sizes and amounts, meaning you'll always be able to choose what you need for your design. Whether you'd like to refit your chairs with new legs or add metal legs to another kind of furniture, we'll have hairpin legs to suit. And, for unique needs, we'll make them bespoke for your home or even your business.

What sets us apart from some other companies that make metal hairpin legs is that our designs are handmade. While others seek to manufacture them at lower cost in other countries, we handle our manufacturing in Southampton, where we're based. Because of this, we can create unique designs, reduce shipping costs to reduce your costs, and deliver your bespoke hairpin chair legs to you more quickly.

If you'd like to fit brand-new hairpin legs to any of your furniture, then get in touch with us today! You can explore our full range of hairpin legs and find out how hairpin legs could work for you by going through our website and products on Shopify. You'll also be able to customise your hairpin legs from 30 colours, each of which will be polyester powder coated! For unique hairpin legs, choose Unique Metal Craft today.