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Unique Metal Craft Hairpin Legs vs IKEA Hairpin Legs

We all know that IKEA is renowned for its good quality furniture and exciting trips round the store. Although, the main difference between their hairpin legs and ours is our vast range of bespoke solutions. We take pride in providing our valued customers with a handcrafted and unique piece of furniture that can be relied upon.

IKEA: Hairpin Legs

It seems that IKEA has considered various materials: wooden and metal, to include in their hairpin leg products. However, their range seems to stop at chairs and tables. Yes, IKEA provides a range of designs to suit various styles of homes, although it appears their versatility is limited to just two uses: chairs and tables.

Adding to this, IKEA appears to have standardised colours to blend into all styles of homes, which is great for a popular look. But, one of the main disadvantages is the lack of bespoke solutions and adapting to all needs and requirements. What about bright pink or orange colours to add quirkiness to your home, and how can a customer find this option?

Unique Metal Craft: Hairpin Legs

At Unique Metal Craft, our range of hairpin legs are available with 2 and 3 prongs, with 10mm round metal legs. These are customisable to your needs and requirements, adding a personal flair to your new interior furniture project. They are a great piece that can finish a room and ultimately improve the aesthetics of your coffee table, chair or whatever else you have in mind.

Handcrafted By Us

We manufacture our hairpin legs at our Southampton based studio. We offer a completely bespoke solution like no other brand; most metal manufacturers get their products overseas, whereas we prefer a more local touch. We powder coat our hairpin legs, providing our valued customers with a distinct piece of furniture that they can call their own. As a family run business

Additionally, our wide selection of hairpin legs come in various sizes, from 6-40 inches! You can enjoy a solution where you are in control, from the colour, coating, prongs and sizes for a customised piece of interior furniture. With over 30 polyester powder coating options readily available, you can decide on the very best solution for your indoor space, regardless of whether it is your living room, kitchen or bedroom – the choice is entirely yours! There are various uses for your new hairpin legs, some you may not have thought of: read another one of our recent blogs to discover what your furniture could achieve with Unique Metal Craft.

IKEA vs Unique Metal Craft: The Bespoke Difference

IKEA is an incredibly well known brand, popular for its various interior furniture solutions. With a wide range of products and is a great store to shop for home essentials. However, at Unique Metal Craft, we want to cater for these situations, bringing you high quality storage supports, all with a bespoke twist.

At Unique Metal Craft, our hairpin legs can be completely bespoke to you! This makes them versatile for any home project you dream of, and the installation is a seamless process. We will leave you with a stress free and stylish finish to your property's interior.

For more information on how we can tailor to your needs, get in touch with us and explore our full range of hairpin legs – and find out how they can be adapted to your home through our website today!