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How To Use Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs are stylish, functional, and versatile to household furniture. At Unique Metal Craft, you can get a bespoke style from a trusted and family run business. 

Our variety of solutions can work in different sizes and configurations. You can get hairpin legs with sizes from 6 inches up to 40 inches – through our range, we even open the possibility of creating barstools. On top of this, our legs come with two or three prongs; you can decide which style works for your needs and requirements.

What pieces of furniture can you upgrade? Discover a few ideas below on how to use hairpin legs…

Hairpin Table Legs

With 10mm round metal legs, we can customise your new furniture addition to provide a supplementary statement, whatever colour you like from our range. They can complete any look, from desks to tables. If you are thinking of making a coffee table, position the hairpin legs in the corners of the surface, then insert the suitable sized screws to ensure that your legs are safe and secure. You can customise your legs from 30 colours. 

Hairpin Chair Legs

The design of hairpin chair legs have  gradually become more refined. Modern hairpin legs are high quality with a robust and stylish design. You can get handcrafted legs that combine the best of traditional design with modern features. At Unique Metal Craft, you will receive very high quality solutions for you and your furniture – and you can decide the number, size, colours and more! 

Hairpin TV Stand Legs

A simple yet elegant solution, why not create a raised solution for your TV – making an industrial and airy feel to your living space. You have no limits when it comes to your legs – at Unique Metal Craft. Take your desired size, install it to your ideal wooden material and you are all set. A practical home storage solution. Our hairpin legs are sturdy and durable despite their appearance and size, making them versatile for many uses.

Raised Hairpin Animal Bowl Legs

Want to spice up your furry friends' furniture? Our small 6-12 inch hairpin legs can instantly elevate their food bowls' look and feel instantly. You can create a custom raised bowl to make mealtimes more enjoyable for you and your pet. 

Although it is important to note that some dogs digestion functions better with their bowls on the ground – before going ahead with this, check with a qualified vet first.

To Install Your Hairpin Legs, You Will Need:

  • A drill/screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Drill bit
  • Painters Tape

For more information on installing your new hairpin legs, why not read another one of our most recent blogs.

Your Hairpin Legs: Unique Metal Craft

Your new hairpin legs should make you feel proud of what you have achieved and created. At Unique Metal Craft, we are passionate and determined about providing homeowners with the chance to create their bespoke projects. We love being a part of your storage solutions, and we hope this guide will give you some more ideas on what our legs can do for your home. 

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