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How to style a Hairpin Coffee Table

Here at Unique Metal Craft, we absolutely encourage our valued customers to create something special and unique to them. We support all creative endeavours, especially when our incredible range of customisable hairpin legs can help make your project look and feel that much more personal to you.

As such, we decided to leave some tips when it comes to styling your very own hairpin coffee table.

Deciding on the Hairpin legs

When it comes to stylising your potential homemade coffee table, deciding on what type of hairpin legs is quite an instrumental decision that will eventually help you realise your finished creative project. As many coffee tables often stand at or below knee level, deciding on the exact length of your hairpin legs can become relative, depending on your own height and the height of the adjacent furniture, such as your nearby sofa. Luckily, here at Unique Metal Craft, we offer our wide selection of hairpin legs in an equally expansive range of sizes, allowing for any configuration and preference.

However, size isn’t the only thing we offer. We offer our hairpin legs in a vast amount of RAL colours, perfect for any style and aesthetic of your choosing. We offer a wide variety of shades, including metallic finishes, neutral and bright colours that can directly complement, match or contrast with the building material of your coffee table. The choice is entirely yours with Unique Metal Craft.

Deciding on the coffee table material

The next big step in deciding on the style of your homemade coffee table is the material of the table itself! Whilst coffee tables are stereotypically wooden, we here at Unique Metal Craft don’t believe in conforming to the norm. As such, we encourage utilising a material that best suits your own personal style. Wood is an easy choice due to its wide variety of aesthetics, rural and rustic look, as well being very easy to mount your chosen hairpin legs.

Utilising a chosen metal can also be a plausible choice for those looking for a more modern, sturdy and sleek coffee table. A versatile choice, as it can easily be customised with any spray paint, as well as matching the metallic look of our hairpin legs. Easily match our range of customisable legs, creating a seamless pairing or directly contrasting the two for a clashing, yet complementary combination.

Whatever your choice, our hairpin legs can act as a fantastic addition to create your very own coffee table style.

Deciding on the shape of the coffee table

Following the choice of your hairpin coffee table material, the next considerable decision is deciding the shape of your table. The conventional shape for many hairpin coffee tables is your standard rectangle, with a hairpin leg on each side. However, our range of hairpin legs is perfect for any design and style. Style your homemade coffee table into a circular design, go for an L-shaped look, or layering your building materials on top of each other for multiple levels of access – whatever your choice, our hairpin legs are able to support it.

Deciding on your coffee table finish

Once you are happy with the set of hairpin legs, the building material and the shape of your coffee table, the final step is to consider how you want to finish your brand new, homemade project. With many timber hairpin coffee tables, a wood finish is the perfect conclusion. Add a defining shade of gloss or detail to your hairpin project, or if you decided on a metal coffee table, choosing a spray paint finish to add the final coat allows for extreme versatility. Choose in any colour you see fit for a completely unique hairpin coffee table.

With Unique Metal Craft, styling your very own hairpin coffee table cannot be any easier. Allow your creativity to flourish with us. To find out more about our range of hairpin legs, simply get in touch with us today.