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How do I put on Hairpin Legs?

how do i put on hairpin legs

How do I put on hairpin legs? Here at Unique Metal Craft, we understand the incredible love and passion for creating your very own DIY projects. We encourage our valued customers to go out and create a brand new piece that they can truly call their own, which is why we offer our very own hairpin legs, shelf brackets, and so much more for homeowners, hobbyists and those with a personal project in mind. We’re experts when it comes to hairpin legs, so follow our tutorial to install your brand new hairpin legs for the very best result!

How do I put on Hairpin legs? The first thing to check is if you have the necessary tools and resources for a flawless installation. Here at Unique Metal Craft, we recommend using a drill and an appropriately sized drill bit; using a screwdriver works too, but you may need to screw extra tight to ensure a secure hairpin leg. We also recommend using appropriately sized screws for the job. Ensure that they are the correct width and length for both your leg screw holes and breadth of your desired furniture, a plank of wood or building material you wish to install your hairpin legs onto.

We would also advise that you utilise painter tape to ensure that your drill does not overextend itself and create a disproportionately sized hole that may be too deep for your intended screws. Lastly, depending on where you want to situate your brand new hairpin leg project, we recommend adding hairpin protector feet. This will ensure that your legs will not slide on more slippery floorboard surfaces, ensuring your safety.

Step 1

Mark your Hairpin Legs

Effectively place your hairpin legs on where you wish to install them on your building material. Next, once you have placed your legs on the desired place of installation, mark the screw holes with a pencil or marker, helping you remind yourself where you want to install your screws. Ensure this is done for all the legs you intend to use.

Ensure that the number of hairpin legs can securely and reliably maintain the weight and balance of your chosen building material. For many, the hairpin legs will be situated to the four corners of the pieces, whereas those looking to create a brand new stool or product bearing a similar shape will find that angling their hairpin legs will often ensure a secure and balanced finish.

Step 2

Drill/Screw in your Hairpin Legs

Once you have effectively marked all the necessary screw placements, begin holding your hairpin legs in place and drill/screw in your screws. As mentioned prior, when using a drill, please ensure that the drill bit matches the overall breadth of the intended screw.

We also recommend marking your drill with a painter tape to correctly identify the height of the screw, ensuring that your screw holes are not any deeper than the screw itself, guaranteeing a tight and secure fit. Do not fully screw in your screws too tightly, as you may need to re-situate or correct any improper placement of your legs.

Step 3

Securely Fasten your Screws

Once all of your screws have been installed, but not too tightly, turn your nearly completed project upright and ensure that your hairpin legs are correctly supporting and balancing your chosen building material. Ensure that all legs are touching the ground and that your brand new project fully supports the weight of its respective material and your own body weight. Once you are happy with the fit and have ensured that it is secure, tightly fasten all of your screws for a sturdy fit.

Step 4


You did it; you’ve installed your brand new hairpin legs onto your brand new project; well done! Take a selfie, boast about it on social media, or simply use it for what it's made for. Whatever your choice, you should feel proud of what you have achieved today. Here at Unique Metal Craft, we are incredibly passionate about providing homeowners with the chance to create their very own personal projects, and we love to help along the way. We hope this step by step tutorial was helpful and that your brand new project looks and feels great.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your brand new project, simply get in touch with us today, or visit our website and browse our extensive range!